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General Chat Thread, What ski/snowboarding gloves? in General; Originally Posted by Andrew_C What's one of them then? Never heard of "level" grading; is it peculiar to one country? ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew_C View Post
    What's one of them then? Never heard of "level" grading; is it peculiar to one country? I still use my Salomon gloves that I bought over 20 years ago. A bit sort of set ina pole holding attitude now, but still warm, and not worn through anywhere. To be fair, it is a while since I last went. Must resist looking at Ski sites, must resist...
    I'm not sure, but we ski in the Grandvalira in Andorra and the Ski School there 'Grade' you - there are even level grading tests you can take, so I assume on some level this must be an established system. You are assessed on day 1 (if you've bought tuition) and put into groups based on 'level' and 'sub level' so Low level 2, high level 2, low level 3, high level 3 and your level will determine your 'proficiency' which gives you a guide as to what runs you should aim for and what routes the instructor takes and what skills they need to teach you - if you're still snow ploughing they can't take you on a black run can they?

    It roughly goes something like this in the Grandvalira:

    Low Level 1/Beginner - Green slopes
    High Level 1 - Greens and easy blues
    Low Level 2 - Easy to moderate blues
    High Level 2 - All Blues
    Low Level 3 - Hard Blues, Easy Reds
    High level 3 - Moderate to Hard Reds
    Level 4 - Black runs and Off-piste

    There are some overlaps and places where the instructors challenge you, but generally if you are a level 2 proficient you should be sticking to blue runs. This is a rough guide and not 'absolute' but it's pretty much how it works in Andorra.
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