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General Chat Thread, Eye Tests in General; I got sent for a free eye test a few years back though it was more for VDU use then ...
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    I got sent for a free eye test a few years back though it was more for VDU use then a normal test.

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    I thought they were just printing serial numbers much smaller than they used to! A trip to the opticians proved otherwise and I am now officially an old person with reading glasses.

    Glad I didn't go to the supermarket to get mine because one eye is worse than the other.

    I didn't bother asking my employers for a contribution because I used my free vision express voucher that popped through the letter box! However, because my day doesn't consist of continued computer screen usage, unlike the office staff, I wouldn't have thought I would stand a chance of discounted eye tests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dos_Box View Post
    I get a discount, and I think I'm going to need it. In the past few month I'm having increasing difficulty reading things like serial numbers on equipment, and have to let my eyes focus on text over longer and longer periods.
    Damn. There go my rugged good looks
    It's age DB - gets to us all -

    I was having the same problem so bit the bullet and went for a test. Result - mild reading specs which I only use on bad days but funnily enough hardly need to wear them at home

    I can read ok without them but detail isn't as fuzzy with them on. I got mine before I realised I could claim. Apparently you need to register for a test first.

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    I don't know if I'm entitled to a free eye test or not, though I probably should find out if I'm going blind or not!

    Also, I work in a Dorset school WITCH, so I'll be interested to find out what you figure out.

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    Right - I finally got an answer and will post it here as there are a few Dorset boys on the site:
    Apparently, not that I have EVER been told this, ALL Dorset employees can claim back the cost of one eye test per year and your school office should have the forms.
    If it turns out that you need glasses and it is likely that this is, in part at least, due to your job, then they will pay a percentage of the cost (the person I spoke to couldn't tell me how much, maybe it is on the form).

    There you go
    I'm off down the opticians

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