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General Chat Thread, Hmmmmm Strange.... in General; Ive been away for a few days cabling up our new building... only to come back to my office and ...
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    Hmmmmm Strange....

    Ive been away for a few days cabling up our new building... only to come back to my office and find Outlook wont connect (OWA still works), every phone in the building dead and things on my network seem a bit "flaky"

    Apparently we had a power spike and since then things have not been working as they should........

    This is going to be a fun day!

    PS - Anyone know why Outlook is now asking me to accept certificate again ? - Weird as my certs don't expire until 2016... something to do with the power spike ?

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    Check time/date on machines?

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    We had a power spike the other day and it caused all kinds of problems. After a quick 15 minutes trying to resolve I made the call the restart everything including the EqualLogic data storage arrays and after that everything was back to perfect. It appeared that it caused issues with the virtual servers connections to the data array and the restart resolved the connection issues. Even though everything is on filtered UPS power a power spike still caused significant issues, weird world of IT we work in.

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    same here, reboot everything you think its likely to be affected, we had a switch here causing havoc the other day, despite STP being setup, in that it was basically flooding with CRC and misalignment errors following a surge, one quickish reboot and all was well again

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