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General Chat Thread, Online Art Repository in General; I was wondering if anyone could suggest a solution for the following question put to me by the head of ...
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    Online Art Repository

    I was wondering if anyone could suggest a solution for the following question put to me by the head of Art recently. She is basically looking for an online Art Repository to upload pictures/images for her students these would be copyright free images and would need to be able to be shown in a thumbnail view. The idea is that students could access these from home and either use them for projects /homework or just ideas in general but its external access thats important. Initially I thought well we have a VLE so use that but after consultation with our VLE provider it seems the platform we use cannot display the files other than in a list. I was wondering about Flicker but think that we might not be conforming to all the rules for its use. Can anyone suggest any solution for this bearing in mind our website is externally hosted at cost so approaching the provider might be too expensive.

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    Picasa would do what you want.

    or you could go the full hog and get Google Apps for Education and collaborate online with documents, photos, videos, calenders etc for free.

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