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General Chat Thread, Lazada PH streaks and mom problems- A Review in General; ...
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    Lazada PH streaks and mom problems- A Review

    Everything is set for Christmas day. The Christmas tree is already assembled with gifts wrapped by yours truly. Sheets and curtains were replaced with green and red designs to go along with the Christmas theme. Money presents are in their envelopes safely sealed from me and my sibling. The last thing left to do is assemble the Christmas lights both inside and around the outside of the house. My mommy bought LED lights from Lazada and I remember distinctly that it was after signing the delivery forms and seeing that my mom ordered online that I searched for Lazada. I didn’t know about it then. But for some weird coincidence, it was after I searched about it that I started noticing multiple advertisements all over manila with the recent commercials on ABS-CBN as an example. I decided to look into it and see if I would find anything interesting to buy in their site. I was really happy with their choices. They had three of what I usually buy namely books, Fashion & Accessories and beauty & health care.

    Normally I wouldn’t buy anything on the spot but given that I have never tried it out and most of my friends have, curiosity jones got the best of me and I bought a maxi dress that got shipped to me less than a week after. I bought the dress in time for our Christmas reunion in La Union so I wouldn’t have to buy a cover up just to make me look like I’m ready for the beach. I have no plans of swimming because I don’t find comfort in wearing a bikini in front of my guy cousins who find pleasure in making my life miserable every time they get the chance. Before we left for La Union, my mom asked me and Cheska, my second youngest sister, to install the lights by the pool. I wasn’t ecstatic about it but Cheska was more than happy to do it. She’s very giddy about making the house look as bright as the sun. She believes that the brighter the house, the more blessings for the following year. I told her that the Christmas lights were for Christmas and not in preparation for New Year to tick her off and she just scoffed at me as if I wasn’t any older than her. My mom bought 5 sets of Christmas lights online so we were installing for quite a while and though my sister was happy at the idea of putting it up at first, she definitely was not anymore a few hours after. We were there for more than two hours. The sun was to our face with my dress and Cheska’s tube top drenched in sweat. I did not think that I was going to get tan and sunburned at home and before we arrived to La Union. We finished around four in the afternoon. We were so soaked that it was just rightly human to wash up after but then our mom said, we had to hit the road because it was getting late. I swear I will rip my mom apart.

    Anyway, I have to get back with my family now. Water polo! Bye!

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    what the

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommej View Post
    what the
    My thoughts exactly.

    Google search with quotes doesn't bring anything up with this text, apart from this thread, so it isn't a bot/compromised account...

    Someone actually typed that.

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    Going by previous forum posts they're a sales drone from Lazada.com.ph

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    2/10, wouldn't read again.
    I found that post so dull I actually shot myself in the face. FYI - I learnt zombies are real. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go and munch a few of my colleagues.

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