A few weeks back we were developing our BYOD solution, part of which required us to try and block peer-2-peer traffic on our wifi.

Meru support were very attentive and helpful but it looked like it was not possible on our hardware.

However I mentioned this to Mark at Meru UK,

He gave me a call the next day and although he's not the technical guy we chatted and he realised he would be in the area with Paul ( the technical one ) today and said they would try and get through.

Tonight we had the pleasure of their company, they fixed one issue and found out that we can achieve our goal of separating p2p with existing firmware. We got one controller configured leaving the easy job to replicate across the other controller tomorrow.

With Pauls help this evening we have a number of pointers to improve the install ( done by 3rd party ) which will help us to monitor and maintain it when BYOD is launched.

Mark's gr8 at ordering Pizza.

Many thanks to you both, hope you got to Edinburgh ok.