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General Chat Thread, David Davies 'Most parents do not want gay children' in General; I don't think anyone is attacking his right to state his opinion, however odious that opinion might be. One of ...
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    I don't think anyone is attacking his right to state his opinion, however odious that opinion might be. One of the fundamentals of free speech and expression is a right of reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcstru View Post
    I wouldn't want my Daughter to be gay, not because I have anything against gay people, but because if she is, she will have to deal with the widespread prejudice, intolerance and bigotry by the likes of David Davies. No one surely would 'want' that.
    Came here to say this - I doubt many parents 'want' their children to be gay. I know I certainly wouldn't 'want' my (hypothetical) child to be gay. I'd 'want' them to have a life free of prejudice. If that was guaranteed, even if they were gay I wouldn't 'want' my child to be gay. I wouldn't 'want' them to be straight, because this implies preference of one over the other. I'd accept them for who they were and who they loved.

    You, sir, are a wonderful man for accepting your daughters lifestyle (and I make an important note of not using the word 'choice')

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    He's right in some respects. I mean no parent plans for their child to be gay, most will have an idealist view of marriage, grandkids, traditionalist values etc etc. How they they deal with it is what counts.
    I've got 4, love them to bits. Would one of them being gay change that? Definitely not. It doesn't change the bond you have with that child, and as a parent your child's happiness is what matters the most.
    I have a friend here who recently tried to tell his parents he thought he was gay (clearly is, but very confused). His parents flat out refused to accept it and demanded he go find a woman and get laid before he makes up his mind. This really disgusted me, like he has a choice!?! \
    I love my kids regardless of their views, their sexuality, or the choices/mistakes they make. It is unconditional, in that respect I cannot relate to those that "do not want gay children"....
    Maybe the children don't want prejudiced pr**ks for parents....

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    Quote Originally Posted by witch View Post
    This is the reason I wouldn't want my children to be gay. You want them to be happy and have things as easy as possible and being gay is a tough road.
    If they were - or indeed are, it won't make one iota of difference to the way I feel about them
    I have to agree.

    I have nothing against some ones sexuality, I do have my own beliefs - same for religion and they will probably never change. I would however never disrespect some one because they believe in something different.

    If my kids (touch wood when I have them) turned around and said something with their sexuality or religion (among 100 other things) - it certainly wouldnt bother me but I would worry about them. I have nothing against those who believe in something different though, even those who may not be in favour of gay/religions etc. No point hating those who hate in the 1st place. We do all have a right to our own opinions, its just those who act upon it. As far as im concerned I treat everyone equally unless they personally annoy me (or professionally line up a knife in my back)

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