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General Chat Thread, Old car - Ideas? in General; Audi 80 Coupe? You can pick up the FWD 2.2L one for ~£400...
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    Re: Old car - Ideas?

    Audi 80 Coupe? You can pick up the FWD 2.2L one for ~£400

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    Re: Old car - Ideas?

    Quote Originally Posted by rhyds
    Quote Originally Posted by TechMonkey
    VW camper - Extra uses, great support groups & just nice vehicles

    Series Land Rover or even a not so old Land Rover say a Discovery - again, multi-purpose vehicle, easy to work on, many possibilities, clubs to join.
    Saw an old Y-plate LR Series Pickup today (not sure of the exact series, but was deffo a leaf sprung model) for about £1200, had a Montego perkins prima conversion. A real drive-through-stuff-rather-than-around car.

    And hi as well Mark
    Y suffix plate would be a 1982 Series 3. Pretty sound. Perkins Prima engines are a good conversion (of course depending on who you talk to), should be nice and plenty you can do to it. I'm pretty rubbish at mechanics but since I've had mine I've got into all sorts, even fabricated some wing mirror mounts. Ok they only needed cutting and drilling and are too flimsy so I need to re-make them to a different design, but I'm proud of them.
    If you are thinking about that way either look on eBay to get a feel of whats out there and prices or pick up a couple of the mags. The mags will give you some ideas of things you can do as well.
    Best thing is they look fine hand painted so you can have a differnet paint job each year

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    Re: Old car - Ideas?

    Just to entice you towards a golf, here's a pic of mine.

    Convertable ones like mine are cheaper but very slightly slower due to extra weight for bracing the car. Parts availability is good from the likes of GSF or Eurocar and the more obscure bits can be brought from a large number of specialists.

    There's a fantastic document on the owners club about buying one, and what to look for, I would link to it, but the mk1 owners club is blocked by our LEA for some reason

    Go on, buy one, you know you want to!

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