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    Recommend me a Computer Desk

    I need to get myself a new computer desk for my room. Looking for something around 140-180cm long by 50-70cm deep and about 70-75cm high.Budget wise I'd be looking at spending £100-200 though might stretch a bit further for something If I thought it was exactly what I was looking for. I've had a hunt at Staples and John Lewis so far and seen a couple that look quite nice.

    Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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    Have you had a look at Ikea?

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    I'd look around locally. I'm a big John Lewis fan, but you can get a decent product from smaller, cheaper outlets too.

    Given the long periods you tend to sit at a computer desk, you really need to try before you buy to make sure the desk height and keyboard tray height allow you to sit comfortably.

    I got ours from Lincoln Furniture Warehouse in Maidstone. It's sturdy, good quality and taller than average suiting tall people in this house. That extra couple of inches makes a huge difference.

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    I built one for the missus a couple of weekends back, as she's self employed now and wanted something that wasn't in the living room. We picked the under-stairs poorly utilised space for it.

    One 3 tier pine shelf from Homebase bracketed to the sloping roof and floor, on the top shelf was laid some laminate flooring (homebase), that was then cut to size with a jigsaw, battens round the walls to lay it on and fix to. Tank cutter to put a hole through for power, 4 way extension mounted to the desk, running down to the socket under the stairs, Ikea swivel chair, Homebase halogen desk lamp for light, and then I've mounted her jobs wipe-clean board to the wall as well, and another shelf.

    Her laptop and the baby monitor now live under there on the stealth desk, with the radiator on the opposite wall making it warm. Shelving is making better use of the space, so we've lost nothing, andd I relocated the coat rack to by the door..which is more convenient. Build your own...you get exactly what you want then..

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    I bought myself a nice big desk from Ikea, large table top and a set of legs (all are seperates), came to about 30 at the time iirc, also just bought a monitor shelf for it in Ikea recently and that was about £15, even bought one of their cheaper chairs and thats nice and comfortable too

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    Check out local second hand furniture stores aswell, i've picked up some right bargains from ours

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    Also check out local reclamation yards and places that do ex-office stock. This stuff tends to be one-offs that are no longer needed so they are cheap but still good quality because it is designed to get hammered in an office.

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