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NS Optimum installed our fibre was ment to do it in the first week.. finished it last week
That sounds about right for them
I do hope you've tested it, because they probably didnt bother

Ive got no idea if everything is sorted for next week, Ive been off work for over a week so for now ignorance is bliss. When I left though almost everything was done and there were a few people in this week so I would be surprised if there was much to do on Monday

For once, Im quite calm and happy about the start of the new year
Yh as far as i am aware they tested wel they said they did... but what they say they did and what they actually did are 2 differant things.. everythings working so thats a good sign i supose..

They aint a bad company.. have had some good experiances with them i must say but this holiday they did make a mess of things unfortunatly.#

Hopfully all is finished Before Tuesday!!