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    Portable Heater for Bedroom

    With the winter approaching, it's starting to get rather chilly in my bedroom. I live in a converted 2 bedroom ground floor flat (privately rented) and our bedroom is what would have been the living room in the full house. Unfortunately, it has a large set of double glazed windows on 1 whole side facing the street and 1 small radiator that doesn't quite cut it for the whole room. Seeing as my daughter is only 6 months old, we want to get something to warm the room up now as opposed to just wrapping up. Can someone please recommend what is the best solution. Obviously, I want something that is as low cost as possible in terms of electricity usage. I'm prepared to spend up to the region of £50 but ideally looking in the range of £20-£30. It also has to be quiet (preferably silent!) as myself, the wife and of course the baby will be trying to sleep through it.

    There are a lot of options it seems in term of convector heaters, oil heaters etc. So, does anyone have any recommendations with what I should go for?

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    If you want silent I would guess an oil filled radiator type one would be the quietest.

    What about the Dyson hot air?


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    How about a heavily overclocked PC? I've got one and that heats my room up nicely lol. Not that quiet mind...

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    I have an Oil Filled Radiator that I use when the oil runs out at my house (oil fired heating, the joys and expense). It heated a fairly large room for a band practice on Sunday quite well, and that normally takes the 2 large-ish radiators that we have in the room to do the job (plus the ones leading through as it's on an Annex so there's no door on just the room). Nice and quiet, plus I lent it my wifes daughter at night as her room gets quite cold when theres no heating on.

    the other thing you could do to help towards it as well (which you might have to get clearance for from the land lord) is to get some of that radiator foil that you put behind radiators to make sure that most of the heat is reflected into the room from it and not lost into the wall etc. Lined curtains help keep the heat in as well.

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