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General Chat Thread, Laptops for Teachers in General; Originally Posted by sonofsanta Yes, staff are required to do some work on computers at home these days. So am ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sonofsanta View Post
    Yes, staff are required to do some work on computers at home these days. So am I, and I don't get bought a laptop.
    I did. [When I was on 15 hours a week, term time only.]

    And I don't even use it.

    We have a few staff with laptops here. Some are hardly used, and the ones that ARE used aren't used properly. [I scanned one with CCleaner... I was slightly shocked at the internet results.]

    We also have staff who have family members that "know about IT" [including one with an other-half in network security] who like to mess about with the laptops to get them to do things they shouldn't. Like torrenting [the bad kind] and various online games.

    I'm looking into a decent remote access solution.

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    Our teachers get one, many of which double as their classroom computer. I think there would be a riot if we stopped giving them out.

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    I don't think its fair to make statements like "Its not worth it" and "They get treated terribly" and the like, that might be some people's experience but certainly not everyone's.
    Our staff value their laptops as a vital resource and treat them exceptionally well.

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    All our teaching staff and cover supervisors get a laptop, which they use as a classroom computer and take home if they want to. They all sign an AUP, and they all return the laptop when they leave.

    For the most part, they look after them quite well. One teacher has wrecked her first two, but it's been made crystal clear that if this one gets wrecked, she pays for a replacement.

    The first batch were purchased March 2008, and we've been topping up with replacements, 10, maybe 15 per year, since 2010. A *lot* of the original Tosh A200's are still going strong today.

    One thing that threw me when we bought the first 60 was that we'd pay £500-£600 for a laptop, but then the Bursar baulked at paying a tenner each for a bag to carry them round in.

    When she showed me her alternative choice of bag, I said, 'You know what, don't worry. I'll whizz down Morrison's and get some carrier bags instead.'

    She got the message, and we got our bags.

    If I was ever to buy a laptop of my own, I'm sure I'd pay at least 10% of the purchase price for a decent bag to carry it around in.

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    Each teacher across out 3 schools is assigned a HP 4530s - TA's generally all have a laptop too of an older spec.

    This causes us many a headache!

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    Did you find any ponies? :P

    EDIT - Jokey response to X-13. Silly forum missed the quote. >.<

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulRenda View Post
    WOW, your school must have a gigantic ICT budget!!
    It's something I've been trying to fight, but thus far without success. Business Manager has also tried - also without success. And we're on a 4 year cycle of replacement.

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    I voted yes, but to be clear all I do is assign a laptop to each teacher & cover supervisor, not admin and not TAs. They don't own the laptop they just have exclusive use of the device and can take it off site. They can't install apps or extra hardware and if they leave they must return it.

    laptops are replaced usually around 4 to 5 years and earlier if they get to tired.

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    We do give teaches and now quite a lot of TA's laptops....

    Not far off from giving the cleaners laptops to be frank.

    Seem to be dishing them out like anything at the moment.....

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    Laptop for Teachers scheme died out around 5 years ago and so with the last lot of laptops dished out they have slowly come to an end, hehe!

    The schools policy is if the staff require a laptop to work from then they have to purchase it themselves, as we do not have a fully managed wireless system in place we also stipulate that they cannot use our network for accessing work or internet access as it is not secure.

    As all rooms are equiped with IWBs and a computer there is not a necessity for them to have a laptop as wherever they go they have access to a workstation which has internet access and also to their files.

    They have remote access to their files from home so do not have to use US pen drives or the like as they can use all the applications they use at work on their remote access.

    Unless a teacher has no access to their work both at school or from home without a laptop then there is no requirement for them to have one provided by the school.

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