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General Chat Thread, Costly hi-tech kit lies unused in schools, says study in General; Originally Posted by witch IMHO staff don't even use the inactive whiteboards properly and we have had them for years. ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by witch View Post

    IMHO staff don't even use the inactive whiteboards properly and we have had them for years.
    There. Fixed that for you.

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    witch (19th November 2012)

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    Quote Originally Posted by broc View Post
    Nobody has mentioned training ICT staff to use/support the new technology either. Too often we are given just enough kit to meet the perceived classrooom need without any test equipment or any spares & sometimes without any dedicated teaching staff equipment either.
    Don't be silly! Surely you've worked out that IT staff are supposed to "just know" how anything vaguely IT-related works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeMarchand View Post
    Don't be silly! Surely you've worked out that IT staff are supposed to "just know" how anything vaguely IT-related works.
    I do - vaguely!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mthomas08 View Post
    As the old saying goes, if its not broken dont fix it.

    "Costly digital technology that has the power to transform education often sits in boxes because teachers do not know how best to use it, a study claims"

    Sadly for us this half true, technology here does not sit in a box unused, instead its often abused. I am always happy and willing to try new things even though I will voice my opinion. We went through a time when staff wanted students to use laptops, they didnt have a clue how much work or cost involved. They also wouldnt believe how badly abused they would get. A fter spending a lot of money buying about 50 laptops - we ended up getting only 7 back working and the rest wrecked. Only 1 student got pulled out for a damaged screen yet every other kid got away with it. Like it or not they are kids, they struggle to look after their own stuff so why should they look after a piece of kit from the school?

    Its like iPads, you dont need an iPad to see what the world is using. Most of the kids can figure it all out after 5 minutes. If a kid can get a new mobile every 6 months and use that right away I am sure they will manage in life. Gadgets are becoming so easy to use which is why staff push for them on site because they think getting kids to logon to an iPad and get their drives/programs and everything will be instant.

    Cost, you also have to consider cost - like it or not schools have had budget cuts and are fighting for survival and enrolement. Is it worth spending 1000's of pounds for some devices just to access the internet? There is a difference between preparing them for work life outside of School and Personal life. Most companies/business's and even educational sectors will not provide iPads let alone laptops, instead they will have systems in place where you get what your given and only what you need not what you want.

    We here know that portable devices will be purchased again, we will voice our professional opinion - this includes work load/cost and what you will get not what you think you will get. Will they accept that no, will they listen no, who will they blame when we turn out to be right - us. The last person to walk in that door and say they wanted an iPad for work, we pointed them to something cheaper and less prettier and does the same thing - they didnt want to know.

    Some staff just simply do not understand the concept of Domains compared to Home Networks - that is one of the biggest problems. IT people are usually accused of not "bending" to something different yet the staff who want the iPads are not willing to look anywhere else for the same product because it is less pretty.
    Hear! Hear! I have a fantastic Domain based server/client network! and NTLM secures my internet access!

    My old school went down the iPad route 1 year ago so I left to go to somewhere where the management are listening to me. To be fair to my old school they have made a good stab at it since I left.

    However once windows 8 pro beds down I'll be buying a set of (Transformer like pads) which will be linked to my AD and therefore my gpo's.

    Complete access to files with file security and any printer in the school will work. It will have a clip on keyboard and usb ports. Adobe flash will work, Most old programs that staff have built there curriculums around will work and gradually IOS apps will appear in the windows market place for the fun things that can be done with these devices.

    Because of this staff will know how it works it will be correctly managed and therefore it will not become another mothballed experiment.

    It is such a waste of money when management go for the latest fad rather than listen to their tech wise IT staff. It almost makes me sick when I think of all the cuts being made to EMA etc; etc;

    Apple are making a mint and their marketing is so slick you don't even notice it. When kids go out into the coporate world they will not be using apple devices because the will work in organisations with Domains!
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