So, last week I ordered 2 Cyan Toners for our printers. With there still being a few things sorted out from the fact the old company went into administration and the new company who's taken over getting the various accounts in order etc, there was a slight delay, but any, I got in today to find the toners on my desk.

I then open the toner thinking "great, they arrived before the Cyan ran out on our Deputy Head's Printer" (which following the past years joys of working with the old company that, with hindsight, was obviously struggling for a while has been a rare thing) .. Yellow ..

So, I look at the delivery note "2 Cyan Toner for Olivetti P226 - 2 Delivered" - I go to the other box thinking "they've just picked a yellow up by mistake out of their pile of Cyan Toners or something ... also yellow ... Joys ...

Ah well, phoned them up and they were in a state of slight hysterics at the fact the warehouse has managed to do that, but they're sorting it so no biggy, just really amused me too that it happened ..