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General Chat Thread, Government recommends you use false details in General; ...
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    Government recommends you use false details

    BBC News - Give social networks fake details, advises Whitehall web security official

    My favourite part is where they say "people should only give accurate details to trusted sites such as government ones." Aaaaww, that's so sweet and naÔve of them, to think I trust their sites in any way!

    I can see his point, in that every website's security seems to be one anonymous-baiting sentiment away from being cracked, but I think I would rather the government invest in developing better security and advice for websites. Changing to fake details now would be too much of a PITA anyway; I'd love to change my security question everywhere to something completely inaccurate, so it's essentially just another password, but I'd forget where I'd done it and where I hadn't and end up providing the wrong answer to someone, somewhere.

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    Totally agree with Smith except for trusting the government.

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