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General Chat Thread, £60 for a Wireless USB adapter for Xbox360! in General; ...
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    How long have you had your current Xbox for? Has it red ringed yet? I had the same one and it red ringed about the same time once a year. It will probably be worth just getting the 250GB version. Don't bother with the 4GB, once you connect to XBL it takes up most of this memory. When i worked in game (About 2 yr ago) your system was worth about £80 with 1 controller and all the bits etc. It is probably valued less now so if you are looking to save some money, trade it in sooner rather than later if your looking to upgrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nephilim View Post
    How good are they, any signal degradation?

    Depends on how old the wiring in your house is and the model adapter you buy. Mine was the netgear 200mbps version.
    I didnt checking how good the sign quality as long as it could stream HD with no lag I was Happy
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    Quote Originally Posted by familiarrealms View Post
    How long have you had your current Xbox for? Has it red ringed yet?
    I've had it pretty much since launch (2006?)and it RROD'd about 2 years after I bought it. It's been fine since they repaired it though <touch wood>. I'm kind of at the point now where I'm hoping it will last until MS bring out the next xbox 720 in another year or two

    To that end, I've ordered the Datel Wireless N adapter for £35 from an Amazon marketplace reseller. Most of the reviews were fairly positive.
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