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    Suggesting a laptop for a neighbour

    I've just be trying clean up an aging tower system and suggested getting a new laptop might be the best bet. I've always recommended friends go to Staples in the past. They tend to be quite knowledgeable and offer some good deals. The HP G6-1303sa suits their budget and the spec looks fine. They offer a £14 upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Pro. I've heard a few negatives about Windows 8 but for a "silver surfer" who just uses it for emails, surfing and wordprocessing, is Windows 8 the right way to go, or should they just stick to Windows 7?

    In these circumstances, would you recommend purchasing AV or just using Microsoft Security Essential. Both my son's and wife's laptops use Microsoft but I'm a little more wary about what I recommend to friends and neighbours, so I welcome any advice.

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    I would personally take the offer of the windows 8 upgrade for £14 and would definately go with Microsoft essentials for the AV as i have found nothing better so far for a personal computer and it is their own and who better than Microsoft to look after their own system!

    I have been recommending Microsoft Essentials AV and installing since it came out.

    I would also recommend possibly waiting for Windows 8 tablet as this would be extremely useful for a silver surfer and possibly cheaper

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    Even if you dont go with Microsoft essentials - no need to buy AV
    We have AVG and Avast and neither has let us down yet

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