I've taken the plunge, signed up for the OU earlier in the year for a degree with honours in computer science, the reason... (dont shoot me) to teach :O

I was wondering if anyone has done an OU course or a computer science degree in the last couple of years and any advice they might have?

One thing I am thinking is that module 3 (in 3-4 years anyhoo) is a project of some description. I am hoping against all hope that I can do something like a proposal for a network infrastructure redesign and all the considerations, costs and blah de blah that go with it to present it as a research project and get good marks. Does that sound reasonably likely?

Alternatively something programmed in PHP but that's probably less likely...

I am hoping I can do something along the lines of network redesign since we redid all our backend last year and hopefully in the next few years we will be re-doing all of our cabling and infrastructure so I can keep a copy of all the documentation and hopefully I'll be sitting pretty