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General Chat Thread, Thanking for useful posts in General; I don't know about other contributors to this Forum but myself feel great when anyone clicks the 'thanks' button on ...
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    Thanking for useful posts

    I don't know about other contributors to this Forum but myself feel great when anyone clicks the 'thanks' button on the rare occasions when I have something useful to contribute - rather than is my normal just being an avid visitor to the Forum to ask questions.

    This is just a suggestion to folk who, like myself, post questions and get useful answers that it would be appreciated by those who so freely give the answers to click the thank you button occasionally.

    Purely as an example Translating Documents Into Another Language to my mind certainly deserves a thank you or three. I knew about Google Translate but the fact that MS Office 2010 has a translator is handy news to me.
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    Just a note to all or well a derp on my part, it appears in v5 of EduGeek I have not applied the Thank button tweaks I had in v4 (aka green arrows/highlighting a bit better) which I will work on fixing.

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