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General Chat Thread, NEC Projector bulb in General; the projector lamp light is flashing red. I have changed the bulb and the lamp light is still flashing red. ...
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    NEC Projector bulb

    the projector lamp light is flashing red. I have changed the bulb and the lamp light is still flashing red. What would cause this? And, how can it be fixed? I know the bulb works due to the fact that the one I took out of the projector I put into another projector and it worked fine.

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    Have you cleaned all the filters and checked the connectors are clean too? If the new bulb isn't quite seating properly in the projector then it won't recognise the new bulb.

    If it doesn't solve it then the projector could be goosed. How old is the projector? What model is it etc?

    You could also check out http://www.necdisplay.com/ for more help..

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    If it is flashing red it will be a sequence, count from the pause.
    If it is constant, it means the bulb has reached it's max hours, and the lamp counter needs resetting.

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    Projector off, remote out, press and hold..I think it's "help" until the unit beeps. Sounds like you've reached max lamp hours and the unit has locked out - you need to reset the timer as described to get it to fire back up..

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