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General Chat Thread, Backup solution/Media Server for home use in General; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by petay87 View Post
    I picked up a Bluetooth keyboard with built in touchpad for £10 a while back and that does the trick for me.
    I use a wii remote.

    XBMC on an atom ITX motherboard saves a lot of power - thats essentially what a qnap is.
    Most of the tools you need for NAS are there in linux, notwithstanding the deduplication that you get in BSD/Freenas but you can always add that in if you need.

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    If space near the TV is a problem, you could get a very long HDMI cable and/or use DLNA.

    Another option (adds cost) is one I'm considering adding in upstairs as one of Mme LeMarchand's girls is now a "boomerang babe" (ie back with us): Use Serviio Pro, which apparently has a webserver component and an Android TV stick or THESE look cool, too.

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    Have you considered something like a Dreambox? https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=dr...w=1231&bih=683

    Satellite PVR / media centre / potentially a backup server. You could plug a external hard drive into it (or just use an internal depending on storage requirements), set up SMB sharing and backup to there. You forfil your requirements but also get the added benefits of the dreambox

    Dreambox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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