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General Chat Thread, Suppliers That 'Know Better' in General; I am sick to death of dealing with a large proportion of the suppliers in this country (NZ), for one ...
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    Angry Suppliers That 'Know Better'

    I am sick to death of dealing with a large proportion of the suppliers in this country (NZ), for one most are a total rip off which is not entirely their fault but rather an symptom of the suppliers tacking an extra 80% on to the cost when it gets here.

    The primary issue though is the bunch that 'know better', I asked for a switch of this model, spec etc. I want a quote for it not a bunch of second guessing and wineing about how that's not the way they would have done it. I don't care if you deal with a High School using smaller switches than us, maybe you are underspecing, maybe we were deliberately after something that would last for ages, be upgradable and cope with growth.

    As it happens I was going along with the theme that has served us quite well of going for quality hardware that would not become a limiting factor in the future. A good foundation instead of a good for right now solution.

    When they start saying things like 'we are not even going to provide pricing' for some options you have to start suspecting and when they come up at double the cost of any other supplier you have to wonder if they are in over their heads.

    Some suppliers that I deal with are good, do their best to get pricing as good as it can be in NZ and offer helpful input, they even provide the pricing that we ask for.

    So, to all cranky 'suppliers', before you get up on your high horse please make sure that you are actually dealing with a horse race instead of an F1 contest and keep your unhelpful criticisms to yourself. To all the good suppliers, thank you for providing pricing and helpful, non-accusatory suggestions.
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