Think I ought to get a couple of medals for finding one:

“Since the Olympics started we’ve had a lot of women coming to us with pictures of Jessica Ennis saying they want to have a torso similar to hers, but they have said they need a bit of extra help because they struggle to get down to those levels with just a couple of gym sessions a week.

“The day after she won gold the next morning the phones went crazy and we had over 20 bookings for [some brand of liposuction] and they all said they wanted to have a tummy like Jessica Ennis and they wanted to have it done as soon as we could fit them in.”

There is another outcome, a rather large volume of witless rhetoric about school sports - read enough of that and you might end up wanting to scrap sport in schools and replace it with two hour of Credible Debating per day i.e. lessons where folk are taught to avoid: a) Restating received opinion i.e. will be trained to check what reality actually looks like before they suggest their fixes, b) Extrapolating from their very blinkered view to the rest-of-the-world, c) Expecting the rest-of-the-world to do or not do something, because they personally do or don't like something.

Best comment I've read is that we should also make Steve Ovett a 'legacy ambassador' and have him and Coe compete.