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Gaming Thread, HELP! What is that game? in Fun Stuff; Originally Posted by AMLightfoot I should clarify - specific screenshots of female magi riding the disks. Although I remember the ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AMLightfoot View Post
    I should clarify - specific screenshots of female magi riding the disks. Although I remember the game being a lot less detailed so I am not sure Age of Reckoning is old enough. I wondered about Wrath of Heroes but none of these titles rings a bell. I have asked LeBoyfriend to look out his disk if he nips home for lunch
    The only thing I can find like that is Neverwinter Nights... But you can't ride the disk, you just summon it to carry stuff.

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    Maybe have a look at a list such as this: Free MMO and MMORPG Gamelist at MMORPG.com and see if the name jogs your memory?

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    I'm pretty certain you guys have hit the nail on the head with WAR. I am almost certain it was a Warhammer game. Definitely post-dated WoW, the graphics weren't brilliant but I remember it being feted as serious competition to WoW at the time. It was a third person RPG and not at all like Diablo. I remember saying to said friend that I preferred WoW because of the UI addons and that this game was horrible because the action bar functionality was poor. I'm certain LeBoyfriend went through a phase of playing it but got bored of battling the terrible graphics and awful LAG. I tried 'Runes of Magic' but it was full of kids running around with characters called Sm3llyP00.... At least in WoW you still have some people that take it seriously.... Occasionally....

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