Bioware cofounder and General Manager Dr. Ray Muzyka waded in to the small-but-growing Internet furor over the ending to Mass Effect 3 today, promising to take fan complaints about the conclusion into account while crafting new "content initiatives" for the game. But it's hard to say at this point whether such new content will represent a significant change for the game's controversial ending, or just add more context and closure to the established narrative.

In a message posted on the official Bioware blog, Muzyka said he was "genuinely surprised" by the negative reactions to the game's ending, calling such responses "incredibly painful." He added he is trying to "accept the criticism and feedback with humility," and said the development team is listening to that feedback while creating new content for the game.
Screw up the ending... Release DLC to put it right!

Warning. Source contains MAJOR spoilers.

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