The SSX series has made a welcome return after 7 years since a true SSX game (not that Wii rubbish) I purchased the new game on the Xbox 360 last night but It was a surprise how hard it was to get hold of! Both 2 GAME stores, gamestation, sainsburys, HMV, Currys and a few other stores had all sold out, in the end I managed to get the last copy from Asda. Now if you liked the old games you'll love this, as always crazy over the top tricks super fast downhill courses, easy to learn hard to master controls and the option for the classic and a newer style control system. Reviewers are also raving about the game with an 83 metacritic score and a average 7.2 user score but many lower scores are completely rubbish and abusing the meta system.

So anyone up for some rival ghost racing or high score competitions?