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    Age of Empires Online

    Has anyone here tryed out the new "free to play" age of empries released last week?

    I've sunk a few hours into the free side of it and its pretty good, very strange having an MMORPG style RTS but it works!

    The question is, will I pay for the premium/extra content, its around £23 for the two civilisations and all their units and its a one off payment, im yet to get far into the game and the free campain is said t o take near 30hours to do and thats without the PVP and maxing out all the tech trees, if Im not bored by the time I reach around level 15 I will buy it I think, its not a cheap and badly made free to play like oh so many out there are its a fairly polished product and still in early days, the developers have spent time on this and If I do enjoy it like old AOEs then I think its only fair I have to pay for the better content and more PVP options. Ok it might not be as good as previous AOE's and the in game chat might be full of kids saying "this is a WOW clone" but its worth a go for the free content at least if your an RTS fan

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    I played it while it was in Beta..... seemed ok and i did put a few hours in, but didnt really hook me

    Not to say i wont try it again mind you

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