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Gaming Thread, Steam Voice Chat + League of Legends = Issues in Fun Stuff; First off, League of Legends is awesome. Just so y'all know. So I'm trying to use my Steam chat to ...
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    Question Steam Voice Chat + League of Legends = Issues

    First off, League of Legends is awesome. Just so y'all know.

    So I'm trying to use my Steam chat to communicate while playing LoL. But I can't get Steam to realize that I'm hitting my PTT button while I'm in LoL. I've added the lol.launcher file to Steam, but that doesn't seem to work. Anyone got any ideas?

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    Firstly I have the steam version of LoL but there are a lot of issues using the ingame options of steam in LoL. I tbh would not run it from steam using the shortcut and try using the keystroke outside steam.
    Personally we use skype for it right now and it seems to work okay.

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    There's a huge IRC channel #leagueoflegends on Quakenet with an excellent presence from fans and developers alike, you may well get a decent answer from them

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