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Gaming Thread, Edugeeks, what is your position or your LEAs position on adding students on PSN/Live in Fun Stuff; They kick you ass, they smacktalk, you get annoyed and "how dare you" since you have a position of authority ...
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    They kick you ass, they smacktalk, you get annoyed and "how dare you" since you have a position of authority over them.

    Or worse, the other way round and you smacktalk them! Probably know what will happen...

    Of course, if you know their name and they don't know yours nothing saying you can't hunt them down in the game and shoot them. I would in EVE.

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    I have 1 student added, my nephew. And I regularly kick his backside at COD/MOH but he kicks mine at fifa...I blame my brother/his dad for this. Lol

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    Like everything else an element of common sense can be applied here. You would not invite them to watch you go out drinking with your mates, you would not invite them to your birthday party, you would not invite them to your wedding ...

    Ah ... some of them you might ... because you are related / godparent / Mother / Father / etc ...

    Outside social activities can leave you in a difficult position. Even if it is thing like sports clubs you need to keep a certain level of separation (even with family) as although *they* might be sensible and respect your position, there is no guarantee others will do. In general, it is better to be safe that sorry ... and remember that some of life will always be ACE (A**e Covering Exercise)!

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    Just gonna put my comments in here... Mine is an exceptional case but I thought I would drop it in.

    When I was a 6th form student (3 years ago) I had all the IT techies added on steam and we became really good friends.

    They are who inspired me to become a techie myself. Now I am 21 and they are in their 20's too we go out drinking together go for curry nights and even have mini LANs.

    I know that my experience does not speak for everyone... but I do think it can sometimes be a positive experience. Having said all of this I then went on to be a techie in a school and I would never dream of adding students on steam just because you open yourself up to so much rubbish.

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