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Gaming Thread, Eve Online - Need Corp :( in Fun Stuff; I've been playing for a while now, well 2 years on and off... I'm Gallente and own a Hulk for ...
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    Eve Online - Need Corp :(

    I've been playing for a while now, well 2 years on and off... I'm Gallente and own a Hulk for mining as well as a Brutix for my pew pew sessions.

    I am currently sitting around in the Verge Vendor region and go by the name Flexy Jerkov.

    I'm in CAS at the moment as I've not been bothered to shift to a real corp.

    Looking for some friendly (None pirates) to tag along with...

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    Eve Online - Dark-Rising Corp recruiting!

    Might find some fellow edugeeks there

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    Ex Coelis is a noob-friendly industrial empire corp, affiliated with arsclan.net /arstechnica.com. They can also be encouraged to wander round 0.0 for a bit of mayhem on occasion. #arsclan in-game and ask for an officer or post here, asking for more info:

    Shiny Happy Arsians Playing Eve 4: Only way to win, is not to play! - Ars Technica OpenForum

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    ROSS is a Minmatar Factional Warfare corporation dedicated to PvP on demand in the low sec factional ware systems. Founded in February 2009 by Big Bilko we have established a strong reputation among friend and foe alike. We are a top Minmatar militia corporation with some of Factional Warfare's best pilots.

    We have participated in massive wars against the Amarr and Caldari Militias as well as pirates and major alliances in Providence (null security space). We also have engaged in geurilla tactics, hot drops and high security raids deep into enemy space.

    Our corporate culture is important to us and we try to maintain a mature corporation of people who help each other as well as our friends.

    ROSS is a highly experienced corporation in Factional Warfare which offers great opportunity for the new capsuleer as well as skilled partnership for the seasoned pilot.

    Recruitment - Welcome to the Royal Order of Security Specialists!


    Can convo me in game (Bengal Bob) or one of our directors

    Fly safe
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