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Gaming Thread, Forsaken World (PC) in Fun Stuff; Anybody else come across this? Last weekend, during some randomness on 'tinterwebs I came across this free MMORPG - It ...
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    Forsaken World (PC)

    Anybody else come across this?

    Last weekend, during some randomness on 'tinterwebs I came across this free MMORPG - It seems kinda okay, and as I gather from there only being two EU servers at the moment, kinda new.

    Started playing it and have gotten up to about lvl 15, and so far found it to be very poormansWoWish...

    Anyone else tried/playing it???

    EDIT: Might actually help if I add a link so people know what the frack I'm babbling about

    Forsaken World
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    Replying to an old thread if anyone reads this.
    I have tried this game.

    I sort of try out most of the so-called free online games.
    Eventually to get the best from the game you may have to pay.

    Anyway good graphics if a little overdone in places,very like Jade Dynasty in gameplay..but with a slightly darker setting.

    Vampires as a playable race,with the rest being very generic.
    Good for a while but like most games of this type becomes a grindfest.
    Not sure what the endgame is like however.

    Lord Of The Rings Online is a better bet if you want more enjoyment.

    Game i thought was going to be better was Allods Online, till the developers screwed around with the gameplay...sort of pay-to-win now.

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