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Gaming Thread, Final fantasy 14 online is live with the collectors edition in Fun Stuff; Got mine yesterday, installed updated but havent activated it yet. Will go on it tomorrow. Will be on the Rabanastre ...
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    Final fantasy 14 online is live with the collectors edition

    Got mine yesterday, installed updated but havent activated it yet. Will go on it tomorrow. Will be on the Rabanastre world.

    Since I played the open & closed beta although not past level6 I have some idea about this game.

    1. It's pretty different
    2. Use a gamepad. buy a wireless360 one for pc if you dont have one!
    3. fishing is alot easier
    4. it has the ultimate flexible multi-classing. Instead of fixed multi-classes you can enable abilities from any other class you've levelled (you are restricted by how many skills you can have active tho)
    5. there's 2 lots of xp, physical and class. I believe both are limited how much xp you get in a given time (diminishing returns) but you can always switch and get different class xp (this video explains it pretty well ~ FFXIVBlog.com - FFXIV Tactics: Understanding the Fatigue System)
    6.crafting is more complicated but drops are more common.
    7.Don't loose xp when dying
    8. as per usual with SE, plenty of things are not obvious.

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    Got my collectors edition on Wednesday, been playing it since the updates installed (no thanks to the god awful p2p update client).

    Runs much smoother than the beta client, I have almost all the graphics settings on high and still runs nicely on an ATI 5770

    Spent last night running around Gridania with some old FFXI Linkshell friends doing Guildleves. Only thing I havent got my head around yet is crafting, didn't get a chance to do a lot of it on the beta so I'm still a bit of a n00b there!

    I'm on Melond server character name Snorii Skafhammer. Give me a shout!

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    World: Besaid
    Starting City: Ul'dah
    Char Name: Tarquelius Farqua
    Play(ed) FF XI? Yes, Lakshumi world - Tarquel - RDM 69 [and I forget the rest but lvl'd WHM / BLM to about 40 and SMN to about 30]

    Praying that this time, some lovely nice down to earth UK folk, might be around on the server I'm on.

    [aka not on about lack of meeting UK ppl in the beta, I'm about FF XI - i spent however many years trying, tho not that hard, to find some UK folk to join the LinkShell I was in, or at least get together to party up]

    Hoping this time around it'll be different so join me on the Besaid server... please.... you know you want to

    P.S. A little hint, but do try and activate any bonus item codes, including the one that came with FF XIII if you registered it and got the email with the dual purpose code in it, as you should find when u create the character, that u actually start with the items.

    I had three different bonus items so go me hehe


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