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    Laptop for gaming

    Does anyone use a laptop for gaming?

    I currently play World of Warcraft. I wonder if anyone has a laptop which runs it smoothly not High FPS just enough.

    Im looking at spending around £450 - £500 ish.


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    I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 which is about 4 years old now and it plays WOW fine (well, i havent played since WOTLK but I would imagine it would still be fine!), dont know if that helps much but there you go!

    Edit; One thing i would say is it got quite hot after 60-90mins which i dont imagine does the processor any good.
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    I really do wonder why people bother using laptops for gaming, they're generally just not that good or comfortable to use for any length of time... especially if you're playing WoW.

    My laptop is about 2yrs old, it's a Dell Vostro T(I forget the number but it's a 2.2ghz dual core), 2GB Ram and a dedicaded 256mb Nvidia graphics card runs WoW without any issues at all (or it did about 9 months ago when I actually used to play... got to lvl 80 and decided I couldn't be arsed anymore).

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