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Gaming Thread, Gears of war 3 announced in Fun Stuff; Anyone else a huge fan of this series? I really cant wait to see how they decide to end it....
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    Gears of war 3 announced

    Anyone else a huge fan of this series? I really cant wait to see how they decide to end it.

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    Yeah, I'm a bit of a fan, the best bit about it though really is the multi-player co-op mode. Why can't more games have this as an option?

    Other than that, I'd like to see a few more characters to play as in the next one, maybe each with their own special weapons?

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    It's looking like it'll be good, a few more characters (at least 1 friendly, a female) and what looks to be a different enemy species (or possibly a very mutated Locust but stuill very different than anything from GOW/GOW2). Also, bring back the Krill! The level on the first game where you had to stay in the light to avoid them was one of the best levels << and tied into that, maybe some more stealthy options, instead of having to fight every_single_time, it'd be nice to be able to sneak around and take less heavy-gunning paths from time to time.

    No doubt the gameplay will be just as good, if not better, than the second one. I'd like to see the Chainsaw battles become more than just "tap B as fast as you can", perhaps a random sequence of buttons for close-range attack/defensive strikes with weapons.

    4-player co-op is going to be awesome, so long as everyone has a decent conneciton and there is no lag (something that the first game suffered horribly from, lots of glitches when playing co-op).

    Story-wise, if you paid enough attention to all the details from the 1st and 2nd games, read all the information contained on the in-game collectible items and the stuff that comes with the bonus editions than you can pretty much tell where the story is heading. It'll still be great to see it play out though, and no doubt there'll be some twists that we wont see coming.

    More of the Horde-style gameplay, which was easily the most fun part of GOW2.

    The online matchmaking is the main thing that needs a real boost. I'd love to see more "class" based abilities like in BFBC2, instead of the weapons placed in the levels being the only thing that afffects a character.

    My on gripe with GOW3 so far: we're in 2010 now, 30 seconds of CGI isn't really enough to entice me in and keep me excited for long enough. We need some real gameplay footage. I know it's 12 months until release, but still, there's so much happening between now and then that this 'teaser-trailer CGI' will be forgotten quite quickly.
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    i liked GOW but GOW2 is when i started to really get in to GOW, i hope they can make a game which can top GOW2

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    I remember spending MANY a night up playing Gears with the same group of 8 people :-) not really played Gears 2 online might start again tonight.

    Can't wait for Gears 3 love the series!

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