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    list of games(some in German) in this C64 package

    500cc Motomanager
    - Adventureland
    - Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
    - After the War
    - Airwolf
    - Alleykat
    - America´s Cup
    - Ancipital
    - Attack of the Mutant Camels
    - Batalyx
    - Battle Ships
    - Batty
    - Beyond the Ice Palace
    - Bomb Jack
    - Brain Artifice
    - Buggy Boy
    - Catastrophes
    - Championship Sprint
    - Chuckie Egg
    - Circus Attractions
    - Cleanup Service
    - Cleanup Time
    - Crime Time
    - Cubulus
    - Cyberdyne Warrior
    - Cybernoid
    - Cybernoid 2
    - Defender of the Crown
    - Deliverance
    - Elektra Glide
    - Eliminator
    - Enforcer – Fullmetal Megablaster
    - Exolon
    - Frank Bruno´s Boxing
    - Ghosts’n Goblins
    - GP Tennis Manager
    - Grand Monster Slam
    - Gremlins 2
    - Gribbly’s Day Out
    - Hercules – Slayer of the Damned
    - Hover Bovver
    - Ingrid´s Back
    - Inherits of the Throne
    - Iridis Alpha
    - Italy 90 Soccer
    - Kobayashi Naru
    - Last Battle
    - Leonardo
    - Live and let die
    - Lords of Doom
    - Marauder
    - Meganova
    - Mighty Bomb Jack
    - Mindbender
    - Mission Elevator
    - Mystery Fun House
    - Navy Moves
    - Nea Eon
    - Nebulus
    - Overlander
    - Paperboy
    - Paranoid
    - Paranoia Complex
    - Perseus and Andromeda
    - Pink Panther
    - Powerama
    - Prospector
    - Pyramid of Doom
    - Ranarama
    - Return of the Mutant Camels
    - Samurai Trilogy
    - Satan
    - Schwert und Magie 1
    - Schwert und Magie 2
    - Schwert und Magie 3
    - Sentinel
    - Shard of Inovar
    - Shiftrix
    - Sindbad and the Throne of the Falcon
    - Skramble
    - Space Harrier
    - Strom Warrior
    - Stormlord
    - Super Hang-On
    - Supertrux
    - ThunderCats
    - Time an Magik
    - Trilogy
    - Turrican
    - Turrican 2
    - TV Sports Football
    - Uridium
    - Venom
    - Waxmorks
    - Wizard of Akyrz
    - World Championship Soccer
    - Yuppie’s Revenge
    - Zynaps
    - Zzzz
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    Quote Originally Posted by JJonas View Post
    list of games(some in German) in this C64 package
    Thanks for posting the list.

    Looks like there's 4 there which are dodgy

    - Championship Sprint
    - Ghosts’n Goblins
    - Ingrid´s Back
    - Super Hang-On

    Zenobi don't allow commercial sales of their games, and the others are expressly denied.

    Not that 99% of the target audience actually bother about such things..

    So - erm - back to School stuff, I suppose... AutoCAD 2010, eh? What a big old pile of [^&.... NO CARRIER]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dos_Box View Post
    I share your pain. My first was a ZX81 and 2 years later my parents got me a C16.
    I too can join this club of owning underpowered versions of mainstreem systems. Not as bad a ZX81 but I had a 16k ZXSpectrum. It was quiet an annoyance going to the shop and picking games saying "48k only" grrrr. Still the annoyance only lasted a year till I got a CPC. And the speecy did have Jetpac

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmcd35 View Post
    No need thanks to the world of Emulation. And Amstrad have released the Roms so CPC emulation is all legal and above board

    EDIT: Didn't the C= Pet predate the CPC by about 6 years and come with a monitor?
    I have an amstrad emulator and an absolute ton of software for it, but there's nothing quite like the real thing!

    Not sure about the Pet coming with a monitor, that bit of information was something I just seem to remember, but seeing as I was only 3 when the Amstard first came onto the market, I may be wrong!

    I slightly gutted in that my Dad had every issue of Amstrad Action Magazine from issue 1 in 1985 right upto when it stoped around 1995 I believe, including all the cover tapes and discs - but he chucked the lot out only last year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyd View Post
    You can also mod these and turn them into a full C64 They were flogging them for a fiver in Woolies a couple of years ago.

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    Not sure if any of you know about this but:

    Wizball remake

    It's not bad at all.

    When i was a young 'un, we had the c64, Amstrad 464 and then the cpc 6128. That was a good machine.

    I remember my old man trying to load a game (fly-spy) and it refused to load. He used a little screwdriver and tweaked the pots on the cpc-464 to try and get it working. He did and it was worth it too. Quite a good game.

    I also remember playing last of the ninja 1,2,3 and i think the forth was being made for the new machinesw. Not sure how far it has come.

    But one of the best games for the Amiga has to be Shadow of the beast (SotB). The best platform to play this game on. Even now, you cannot emulate the game to it's full glory. The smoothness of the scrolling on all layers. Awesome soundtrack. Solid game. Loved it. Again trying to be re-created but not sure how far it's got.

    SotB 2 was a completely different game to the first and i couldn't even complete the game with invincibility enabled. Solid game.

    But now the classics.

    Jet Set willy.
    Manic miner.
    Bounty bob and bounty bob strikes back.
    The apprentice.
    Army Moves.
    Roger Rabbit.
    Starray. Perhaps the fastest side-scrolling shootem-up ever.
    RAC Lombard Rally. The best rally game ever made to date.
    Navy Moves.
    Game Over.
    All of the Dizzy games. From Amstrad to amiga.
    All of the Magic Knight games. Spellbound, Knight-tyme, Finders-keepers etc. Spellbound Wiki
    KickStart 1 and 2.
    Buggy boy.
    Vampyre. Only one person in our house could do this game. My dad. Way to go old man!
    Operation Wolf.
    Valhalla. 1, 2, 3.

    I think this is enough for now. These are just some of the games i played when i was younger. Oh the good times. You could actually go out and afford to buy a game.

    *This game was sold using the graphics of He-Man, Masters of the universe on the box and looked nothing like it. The game though was fantastic. He-man though did look like the graphics and was utter pants.
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    Also head over heels remake is awesome:

    Head over heels remake link

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    Love the memories, i had a C64 modded into the flatter casing, and the massive floppy disk drive(the disks were floppy)

    agree with most of the classics choosen here however some not mentioned

    Akari warriors (game on loading screen way before Fifa ;-)
    Silk worm reat two player game
    Chase HQ
    California games (downloaded on Wii but would prefer the joystick)
    Winter games
    summer games
    World games (anyone for log rolling and caber toss)
    They stole a million (i want this so bad now i can never get a decent ROM to run on my DS emu)
    Combat school (the arcade had a ball but we broke many a joystick on this,i had joystick like the one you buy here with a liftime warrenty even combat school could not break it but the suckers did come unstuck alot haha suckers on the bottom of joystick with kids spitting all over them)
    Sam fox strip poker

    so many memories

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    I remember Wizball and Head over Heels came as part of a game pack from Ocean (who I believe were based in Manchester). There was also a game called The Great Escape on the pack - but I cannot remember what else.

    Wizball was amazing and being shown this remake takes me back. HoH is also one I used to play and get very frustrated with.

    I liked Operation Wolf. The Last Ninja series was amazing.

    One of the best aspects of the C64 scene was the PD demos. I remember one which showed a male toilet sign dancing to music - amazing. There was also the Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal demo.

    Uridium and RType were two games I played a lot of.

    If you go back to the VIc 20 my mother enjoyed playing Blitz which came on the original tape.

    How many of you had the book - 60 Games for the Vic 20 or the C64 version? I remember typing them all in Poking and Peeking etc. There was one I typed in and was just about to save it when my mother walked into my bedroom - tripped over the extension cable which turned everything off. I was devastated and was certainly not listening to her as she ripped into me for having the extension cable up in the air. LOL. - those were the days.

    The old BBS were cool and the 300Baud modem. My parents wouldn't let me have one, but the techie in my comp had one and we spend ages downloading over the school phone lines. Great fun.

    If you do miss the old Public domain demo scene then there is a thriving one for the PC over at www.scene.org - some great downloads there showing off the power of you pc.


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    C64 on the iphone anyone? It comes with the old Bruce Lee game.

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