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Gaming Thread, Steam Silently Crashes Everytime I Open It in Fun Stuff; Hey noticed your thread about fixing compatibility issues thought i may as well see if you can help with this. ...
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    Angry Steam Silently Crashes Everytime I Open It

    Hey noticed your thread about fixing compatibility issues thought i may as well see if you can help with this.
    I had a working version of steam which was sick, but i installed it in the wrong folder and it was pissing me off cause i like a neat hard drive. Anyway i uninstalled it through control panel which was all good then reinstalled it and now everytime i open steam lets me log into the STORE window then freezes.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    A bit of info:
    running Windows 7, 64 bit ultimate I have:
    - uninstalled
    - tried installing in different directories
    - tried opening steam as administrator
    - deleted it in the registry as well as uninstalling it (before reinstalling it)
    - updated my 3d card drivers

    I can't think of anything else but yeah its frikken wack. cheerss

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    Presumably this worked before?

    1. Check for any software firewalls and (assuming you're reasonably safe behind a NAT router) try temporarily disabling them before running steam.
    2. Some antivirus software includes software based network adaptors which can cause problems, try disabling this temporarily to see if this is your problem.

    Might also be worth checking your event log to see if any system or application errors are recorded.

    If the software worked correctly before, try using the uninstaller to remove the software, restart and run the Windows Installer Cleanup tool and restart again.

    Delete all steam directories under %ProgramFiles% and in %UserProfile%\Application Data and %UserProfile%\Local Settings

    Restart again and run a registry cleaner.

    Restart again and try installing from scratch.

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