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Gaming Thread, XBox Live Wireless problems in Fun Stuff; Originally Posted by elsiegee40 * Hangs head in shame * OK, I should have treated this XBox like any other ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by elsiegee40 View Post
    * Hangs head in shame *

    OK, I should have treated this XBox like any other other piece of kit that I install... plug it in with a wire and get all the updates on before I tried anything at all.

    Connected using a wire, I tested the connection and it prompted me to download a massive update.

    Wire removed, XBox rebooted, wireless dongle plugged back in and... suddenly it was detecting networks. Connected to ours fine.

    My teenage son is grinning from ear to ear and gave me a massive hug and said said he loves everyone on edugeek!

    @tech_guy, I take on board what you've said about wirelss gaming. Son was warned before receipt of the XBox that (especially with our pretty broadband connection) it was likely to be rubbish.
    your welcome - glad you got it working. Happy christmas and new year to you and your son

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    Can anyone reccommend a good usb ethernet connector for an xbox 360? Wireless in't an option because of distance from the router, Homeplugs won't work on my system, (tried that). So I have cabled it up but a surge has knocked out the ethernet port!

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    I dont think you will get usb ethernet working as I believe anything that connects to the usb port (with the exception of memory sticks) has to be licensed by Microsoft.

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