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    Demon Souls - PS3

    Got this at the weekend, import from HK via ebay. £39 inc PnP and took 6 days.

    An action RPG with tonnes of detail and a modern day rarity, a game that can't be completed on the evening you get it! Unforgivingly hard, but it does make you feel you messed up rather than the game cheating.

    Graphics blow Obvilian out of the water.

    The enemy fodder are about as hard as you, the bosses about 100ft high.

    Unique online play.

    Its not out in the UK, nothing planned so far. US has a 'fall' release date. Japanese version is Japanese only. Chinese and Hong Kong both have full English voice and text.


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    WOW this looks right up my street.

    How does it play comparative to Oblivian? I found Oblivian to be somewhat frustrating at times, the main story seems to move really slow as there are huge numbers of side quests.
    I also found the combat system a bit difficult and if Demon Souls is loads harder I might not be able to get into this one.

    Graphics are top notch from what I've seen.

    Also can PS3's play imports no problem? I would have thought there would be issues as there always has been in the past with Playstation consoles

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