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Gaming Thread, Microsoft to release 1980s games for Xbox in Fun Stuff; Microsoft plans Wednesday to offer some additional updated versions of popular 1980s-era games through Xbox Live Arcade, an online service ...
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    Microsoft to release 1980s games for Xbox

    Microsoft plans Wednesday to offer some additional updated versions of popular 1980s-era games through Xbox Live Arcade, an online service that lets people download free trial games and buy them for $5 to $15.

    The company will offer a game every Wednesday for the next five weeks, including some retro games with higher-end graphics and new ways to play together. The first game on offer is the log-hopping, traffic-dodging classic, Frogger.

    Greg Canessa, a group manager for Xbox Live Arcade, said the downloadable games service has been surprisingly successful for the company. About 5 million free trial games have been downloaded by Xbox 360 owners, he said, and 21.7 percent of those have been "converted," meaning a person decided to pay for the permanent version.

    Many people initially thought the Xbox Live Arcade, with its focus on less complex games, would be a potential draw for children, women or older players who don't fit the young male demographic traditionally associated with Xbox 360 owners. But Canessa said they've found that even the so-called hardcore gamers are interested in the arcade games, and willing to pay for them.

    Microsoft currently has 20 arcade games available for sale to people who own an Xbox 360, the second iteration of Microsoft's video game console. Canessa said they hope to have about 50 titles available by the end of the year.

    Main Article: <linkity @ xbox.com>

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    Re: Microsoft to release 1980s games for Xbox

    I like the poll questions....lol

    "i dont have a 360 yet" - shouldnt that be "why would i want a 360?" hehe

    *fight fight fight*

    Only kiddin', but that MS is doing a complete cash-in really here.... after all, its nice to play the games of old - but i wudn't like to buy them again [when i still own them anyhow lol]


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    Re: Microsoft to release 1980s games for Xbox

    Money for old rope again can't see many people paying $5 -$15 dollars for outdated games even if they are revamped with better graphics.

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    Re: Microsoft to release 1980s games for Xbox

    Why would you pay for old games, when many have been converted into flash versions on the web, and with a little looking around, you can download emulators for all the old consoles and play the originals on your PC.

    (May I note that legally you are requiered to own the original games before you download and play them)

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    Re: Microsoft to release 1980s games for Xbox

    Depends what other games they're gonna have really. Frogger doesn't intrest me but if theres an R-Type or something then its likely.

    Lord knows I've got more than my £5 worth out of Geometry wars

    Mutant storm has been great fun too.

    PS. preparing a new RIS image on P3 750s in 30 degree heat makes me sad.

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