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Gaming Thread, Left4Dead survival mode in Fun Stuff; Lasted 10 mins on a few of the maps. Trick for the tank is for everyone to have auto shotguns ...
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    Lasted 10 mins on a few of the maps.

    Trick for the tank is for everyone to have auto shotguns tank will not last more than 20 seconds with 4 people shooting it.

    Have to organise a game at some point.

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    I've found there are a few tactics that can be used to get 10 mins+

    Basically do one of these 3 things

    1. Camp near the Ammo. If Possible I always try to defend near to the ammo - it means you can use your primary weapon indiscriminatly and not have to worry too much about co-ordinated ammo runs, just turn round and grab some. Ditto rather than re-load you can just grab a fresh weapon from the table which massively increases your rate of fire.

    2. Camp the Minigun. On maps with a minigun, one person uses it the others keep close and watch his back. A good minigunner can clear out masses of zombies, and put a serious ammount of Hurt on the Tanks.

    3. Hide in a corner. If theres no Minigun and/or the ammo is in an exposed spot, the final tactic I have used is to find a good spot with your back to a wall - this can be anywhere on the map. Use pistols exclusively against the regular zombies, and try to save primary ammo for tanks. You may be able to make a few runs for ammo and med packs in the lulls (normally about 2-3 mins, 6mins and 9mins 30secs)

    of the 3 strategies number one is deffinatly my favourite, and I got over 20 mins with it on the Bridge.

    If anyone wants a game of this, drop me a message on steam (Elvis in the Edugeek Group)

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