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Gaming Thread, Unreal Tournament Gold Wont Work in Fun Stuff; I have a fairly new PC with an ATI X1950 Pro, AMD Athlon Dual Core and 2GB of RAM running ...
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    Unreal Tournament Gold Wont Work

    I have a fairly new PC with an ATI X1950 Pro, AMD Athlon Dual Core and 2GB of RAM running Windows XP.. I would have thought it would be able to run Unreal Tournament Gold Edition but it can't.
    It lags so much its unplayable, the game play is jumping round everywhere, freezing then playing at treble speed then freezing again.

    I'm not a huge gaming person but UT Gold is such a quick fun filled first person shooter.

    A friend has told me that ATI cards don't like old games, he didn't say why so I just dismissed it.

    Could it be that UT Gold is just to old to be able to run normally on XP or is it the unexplainable reason to do with my graphics card?

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    I had this too - your PC is just TOO fast - but it seems to run OK in Windows 98 compatibilty mode - worth a go as I like a DeathMatch in old UT.

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