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Gaming Thread, D'oh, I'm on holiday leave me alone... in Fun Stuff; Ok, bear with me as I'm slightly smashed having just had 4 cans of Special Brew at 9% volume or ...
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    D'oh, I'm on holiday leave me alone...

    Ok, bear with me as I'm slightly smashed having just had 4 cans of Special Brew at 9% volume or whatever...

    I'm on a rain-pi$$ed campsite in Yorkshire and the guy on the pitch next to me has just come along to ask my advice (thanks to Mrs.Tech_Guy letting slip that I work it IT a few days ago....).....

    His laptop screen has 'gone all dark' - no problem I tell him - your backlight has gone and will need replacing. Off he trots. Ten minutes later he's back - 'can I hitch my laptop up to my lcd screen?'. I tell him yes so long as he's got the right connections and cables. Off he goes.

    Five minutes pass and ffing and cursing eminates from the caravan next door.

    I'm dispatched by Mrs.Tech_guy to go and help.

    Bear in mind by now I'm five sheets in the wind or whatever it is when you've had a bit too much to drink....

    I stumble into his caravan to offer my assistance. On the floor is the biggest knotted mess of cables I've seen in a long time as a sky box, an xbox a dvd player and a laptop all fight for the right to show their content through the lcd screen which or some reason has been taken off the wall and is now standing upside down so that 'we can get at the connections'.....

    ....at this point I'm tempted to ask him if he's a teacher by any chance but think better of it....

    ....45 minutes later and a lot of head scratching and cable untangling we reach a working solution which earns me a lot of thanks and two more cans of beer....which I really feel like at this moment in time.

    Anyway, as I sit here I'm thinking 'can you connect a pc to the vga port of the lcd screen and an xbox to the DVI-D at the same time?

    Gah, holidays.

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    So will Mrs tech_guy be accompanying you to anymore camping trips?

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    My TV gives me the option between select HDMI, or the DVI connections on it, a bit like Normal TV > AV on most TV's, so I'm sure it can.

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    I have a nice Toshiba with 2x HDMI (one to the V+ box and one to the Apple TV), 1x Aerial (digital Freeview TV input from normal aerial), 3 x AV (2 are scart - VCR/DVD Combo and Wii, the other is standard phono input for anything extra such as CamCorders) and 2x VGA (well, WXGA but I thought when I bought it I thought it might do up to WUXGA, but I got the cheaper model ... saving £300 in the process)

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