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Gaming Thread, Please help with my network issues, desperate! in Fun Stuff; Big thanks to all who replied In the end it was a setting that was blocking multicasts that i needed ...
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    Big thanks to all who replied

    In the end it was a setting that was blocking multicasts that i needed to enable within my router.

    thanks all

    PS. ps3 media streaming is great

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    I dislike PS3s!! My housemate got one the other week, now every time he turns the damn thing on it disconnects me from the internet! There was a setting in the Network Settings section about media streaming or something. I did a google search and someone suggested turning this off which seems to have helped quite alot!! Was very annoying though!

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    Have you got some crappy orange router then?

    Seriously though, I dont get a problem with that on the PS3 - either when downloading new content or online gaming, my partner is happily whiring away on ebay/facebook/shopping sites without a problem.

    Its usually down to something wrong in the setup or "unfortunate" hardware

    Have seen a few reports about it, but otherwise, it seems to co-exist well.

    Depends on the broadband connection too of course... if your stuck on a 1M link then yes, I'd imagine it would affect it but so long as its a stable ADSL line, shouldnt really get too much of a problem.

    In peak usage times, i get about ~3M and when things are quieter late night or day times, i can usually get the full 8M if i'm lucky, but otherwise its about 6M.


    Glad you found it


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