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Gaming Thread, Diablo 3 in Fun Stuff; Just saw the trailers for this upcoming game and I have to say. I LOVE this game. Or at least ...
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    Diablo 3

    Just saw the trailers for this upcoming game and I have to say. I LOVE this game. Or at least it's previous incarnations. You can see the cinematic trailer and the gameplayer teaser video both here.

    No release date as of yet but man I am looking forward to this already. I just hope that they correct the mistakes of the past namely that online play became unusable due to cheats in the game and if you were given a hacked item it sometimes wiped out your entire inventory along with it. Plus the fact that if you did have a cheater/h4x0r on your game they waited for you outside the town and killed you as soon as you left the safe area.

    For those of you who may never have played any of the Diablo series it is a action RPG when you take control over your character as you journey through dungeons and wilderness killing the demon spawn and their minions in a quest to stop evil from coming into the world and destroying it. As you go along you level up, find better weapons/armor/spells and generally kick daemon ass. With this latest incarnation they seem to be focusing more on online play where you can team up to best those levels that have been giving you troubles. Also, with the previous game Diablo 2 they made it so that each time you joined a new online game the level you were on randomly generated making a new playing environment each time.

    I think this Actiontrip comic best sums it up.

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    Well there goes what little social life I had.

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