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Gaming Thread, Nintendo Network ID Thread in Fun Stuff; Please post your Nintendo Network ID and any online multiplayer games that you own here. What is Nintendo Network? Nintendo ...
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    Nintendo Network ID Thread

    Please post your Nintendo Network ID and any online multiplayer games that you own here.

    What is Nintendo Network?
    Nintendo Network is Nintendo's answer to Xbox Live and PSN. It forms the multiplayer infrastructure for the Wii U and partially for the 3DS. It also enables the use of social features such as MiiVerse and the Nintendo eShop.

    What is MiiVerse?
    MiiVerse is a social platform for Nintendo products integrated into the Wii U with partial support for the 3DS. Think Twitter for Nintendo games but you can draw on stuff. You gain access as part of creating a Nintendo Network account.

    Is it free?
    Yes! There is no charge for using MiiVerse or Nintendo Network meaning multiplayer is also free (unlike XBL and PSN).

    Why does the 3DS have partial support?
    The 3DS still uses the friend code system for multiplayer. The MiiVerse communities and eShop are accessible though. I expect Nintendo to bring the 3DS in-line with the Wii U later in the year due to Smash Bros being cross platform.

    Is this relevant to the old Wii console?
    No. The old Wii also used friend codes and is not linked to Nintendo Network at all. The online service for the Wii was discontinued earlier in the year.

    Can Miiverse be accessed on PC?
    Yes! I will post the link later. You can also link to your profiles if you want.

    My NNID is Rikevfox

    Online titles:
    - Mario Kart 8

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    i think mines rollerjames

    realy should switch wiiu on last on for pikman 3 oh well it will be on more next year for ZELDA

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