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Gaming Thread, Call of Duty 4 WOW!!! in Fun Stuff; I love COD4 ive had it bout 4 days now and its amazing. The campain is a bit short but ...
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    Re: Call of Duty 4 WOW!!!

    I love COD4 ive had it bout 4 days now and its amazing. The campain is a bit short but there are 4 different levels. Ive completed it in easy and ive just passed the Sniper Mission In The City on normal. Im also up to lvl 17 on the multiplayer and have unlocked over half of the perks now.

    I found it really annoying at the start of the Multiplayer because you have all the good people with amazing guns running around knowing all the good places and your left with a rubbish weapon and unable to kill anything.


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    COD 4 v BBC Elite

    COD 4 is outstanding, especially if you've got the graphics card to handle it. However it still doesn't beat Elite on the BBC from 1982. This might sound odd but when you consider that the whole game ran on a 100K floppy, with only 4 colours and 20K RAM to play with - it was an outstanding piece of work.

    Anybody else agree?

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    Bought this Tuesday and finished it yesterday evening. Awesome game! Can't wait to have a blast on the multiplayer.


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