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    Gaming Computer Spec - options / advice

    Having never been a gamer and never will be, I know very little about a decent specification and hardware for a bespoke gaming PC. However I've been given a spec and asked for my 'expert' opinion...... so I need some help please. This is what I've been given:

    CPU: intel core i5-4670k Quadco
    6mb cache
    Hard drive: Sata-III 1tb

    Random access memory: Kingston HyperXblu w/heat speader
    dual channel; 1600mega hertz;
    8 gigabytes

    gigabyte 287-HD3 intel
    1.7 HD audio
    ATX mainboard;
    4 RAM slots;
    GB lan
    USB 3.0;
    Sata III

    Video card: AMD radeon R7

    Cost is £658, plus £75 for windows 7

    Can anyone recommend a gaming Keyboard and mouse. (either wireless or cabled.)

    Any recommendations on a monitor - 22" widescreen, thank you.

    Any advice on any of this would be appreciated. Thank You

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    Speak to @CPLTD for the monitor, they did me a good deal on a TV/Monitor, works like a charm and has done for a long time.

    Mobo I wouldn't use however, because the HD3 model has had its faults (RAM slots not recognising anything over 4GB RAM sticks was a common one on release versions, they may have fixed it on later batches).

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    Radeon R7 what? There's a lot of difference between an R7 240 and the R7 265.

    You'd be better of with at least an R9 270/270X anyway, for decent 1080p gaming. The most important component in a gaming PC is the graphics card - you can cut back on the CPU more than you can the GPU.

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    General advice: buy a good quality case with decent airflow and a decent PSU. Cheap, supposedly high power PSUs can cause all sorts of issues and are rarely capable of providing their claimed output anyway.

    The chipset is Z87 (thought I'd point it out in case you're wondering why Google isn't turning up much info on it!)

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    Personally, I'd build something like this:

    Asus Z87 Plus Motherboard
    Intel i5-4570
    Asus GTX750 OC 1GB Graphics card
    G.Skill RipJawsX 8GB RAM kit
    Corsair Vengeance C70 Case
    Corsair 650" RM Series 80Plus Gold PSU
    480GB Mushkin Chronos SSD

    Total price for that lot is around £730ish You'd have to add Windows to that too.

    I've said SSD instead of HDD, as the SSD is £162. Which is a phenomenal price for that size and speed. I'd drop down processor and mobo before dropping down the SSD too, if that system is out of your budget.

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