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Gaming Thread, Finished Crysis - What's with the ending![contains spoilers] in Fun Stuff; Just finished playing Crysis earlier today and what a complete anti-climax that was. I was really enjoying the first 2/3rds ...
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    Finished Crysis - What's with the ending![contains spoilers]

    Just finished playing Crysis earlier today and what a complete anti-climax that was.

    I was really enjoying the first 2/3rds of the game where you get free roam of huge maps. You can pick your tactics and fight against intelligent enemy soldiers who work together against you. The selection of vehicles was really cool as were the special abilities activated by the nano-suit..................


    the aliens appear and freeze the place! This breaks all of the cool vehicles and kills off all of the aforementioned intelligent enemies replacing them with retarded matrix squid rejects who fly blindly at you. The huge open maps get replaced with linear sections floating down alien corridors and you're on a dull monotonous fixed path until the game ends. The ending scene in the game is full of bugs aswell. I lost track of how many times I fell through the floor of the ship


    to make matters worse the game ends on a cliffhanger that makes me forgive Halo2 completely because at least halo had an interesting plot and was fun to play until the end! It just feels like they rushed it go get the game out before xmas without bothering to finish it properly (Typical EA).

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    and also leave it wide open for Crysis 2 which will probably out before too long. Loved the game, but as you say, the last part SUXED. £30 gone in two or three days play time. Wifey was not best pleased. Gonna have to go online and get some more use out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ninjabeaver View Post
    Gonna have to go online and get some more use out of it.
    Don't bother going to the chat room for it, plenty of lame ass kids screaming for IP addresses because they have a hacked copy and spamming until they get it... *sigh*.

    Then add to that I've discovered that I've become my father complete with sluggish reactions, total inability to hit anything and some smart ar*e brat nailing me for the 400th time with their 8800 SLI rig with 50fps. Now I understand why Dad hated space invaders so much :P

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    Spot on.

    I found the game excellent before the aliens showed up. I hated the "alien spaceship" or whatever level. I also wasnt too fond of trying to dogfight in a flying bus, sorry, VTOL towards the end.

    Cant say I had any technical probs at the end or anywhere really, other than my high spec Alienware being reduced to a crying baby.

    I cant see much hope for a Crysis 2 if your main aim is that your off into the alien inhabited sphere to rescue your nutty squad leader. If the sequeal boasts more of the early stages of the game however then id be very happy

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