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Gaming Thread, Final Fantasy X & X-II HD Remaster Coming to Vita 21/03/2014 in Fun Stuff; Originally Posted by Theblacksheep I really like VI, IX and XII... prefer the older looks and feels. Really want to ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theblacksheep View Post
    I really like VI, IX and XII... prefer the older looks and feels.

    Really want to see Secret of Mana from the SNES on something like 3DS, Vita or, well anything recent (Retron 5 doesnt count, although looks awesome).
    FFX was the last one that I really got in to, though I keep thinking I should give some of the newer ones a chance. I'm a big fan of the old turn based battle systems in the older FFs, found X a bit of a faff in that respect as it was the first that started to introduce real time battles, which I'm not so keen on. To me, it takes a lot of the strategy out of the game and it from what I've seen of later FFs that only got more and more diluted. I know a lot of people prefer it, but I like the old way.

    The materia system in FFVII was fantastic, really enjoyed that, and the abilities in FFIX aren't bad either. Found VIII a bit slow getting in to and unfortunately my disc 1 had a scratch right on the edge which caused it to crash just before it got to the "change disc" screen, I never did get around to playing that second disc!

    I've never played Secret of Mana, though I have recently got Mystic Quest for my daughter as I read it was a good game for people looking to get in to RPGs

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    I think the magic system in FFVIII was brilliant, it took a bit of getting used to but it just added that bit more strategy to the whole game. Thinking about it I never did beat Ultimecia, I may be dusting off the PS2 tonight!

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