In case you haven't heard about this already this is the ability to share PS4 games with family and friends.

From what I have read it's possible to do the following.

I've got a PS4 as has my friend B.

I make HIS console my Primary PS4 and my OWN console my Secondary. B does this in reverse (he makes MY Console his primary and his own console his secondary).

I then buy Call of Duty 18 and install it on my own console (which is set as my secondary). I can then play it as long as I have an internet connection, my friend however can play it offline on his console.

Friend buys Resident Evil 22 and installs it on his console, he has to be connected to internet to play it but I can play it offline if I wish.

I also think both of us can play the same game (which has only been bought once of course) against each other on multiplayer.

I'm going to try and persuade my friend to give this a go but wondered if anyone has set it up already?